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Most Requested Programs:

Listen so Others will Speak, Speak So Others will Listen
This program takes the power of communication further. Listening is the most important tool in the communication skill box. The more we listen the more we are heard. This is a powerful program that will change how you view the power of listening.

Managing Change in the New Millenium
In this program you will learn how to get the job done on time, even in the times of the most stressful changes. How to keep yourself in balance and under control. Learn 3 techniques guaranteed to get people's attention and 7 keys to managing successful meetings in stressful and changing times. How to do some of the little things that can make a big difference.

Customer Service with W-O-W!
Learn how to listen to your customers. Get to the root of a problem in a fast and professional way. Teach your people to love your customers more than they love your products. Surefire strategies to resolve complaints and customer conflict. Body language: How to read it and use it to project a courteous, helpful image ... and much, much, more.

Leadership vs. Management
Have you ever noticed that the changes and solutions that are most effective in the work place are most often the ones that people discover together as a team? That's what this unique workshop is all about. Leaders climb the tree and show the team which way to go, and the most effective managers find the most efficient way to cut down the trees.

Cross-Servicing Skills
- Tips to listen more carefully and effectively to your customers
- How to become a "solution provider" and not a pushy salesperson
- Three ways to show customers the value of using your services
- Overcoming the fear of asking the customer to use additional services

Other Popular Programs:
- Super Bowl Coaches on Leadership
- Coaching Skills for Winning Managers
- Mindset of Champions
- Personal Financial Management
- From Wounds to Wisdom
- E-Consumer: Profiles, Potential, Profits & Projections
- Twelve Trends that Impact your Financial Organization
- Only the Paranoid Lenders Will Survive
- How to Understand Your Financial Statement Without a Harvard MBA!
- Innovative Techniques for Strategic Planning
- Management and Board Relations
- Marketing on a Limited Budget


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