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U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Environmental Protection Agency
Timberline Software Corporation
Bank Holding Company Association
Charles Schwab and Co Inc.
Nebraska Bankers Association
Kansas Bankers Association

“The humor you injected kept everyone listening, learning and laughing! You made our meeting an outstanding one and I would enthusiastically recommend you as an interesting, humorous and educational speaker!”

Naomi Hosack
Crown Realty

“Your lively presentation was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed your enthusiasm and insight into the power of listening.”

Rick Hemmingsen
Independence Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Based on the various responses received from approximately 280 attendees, I am convinced that your two excellent general session presentations helped to make this one of our most successful seminars yet."

Dennie Emmans
Executive Director
Bank Holding Company Association

“The Jackson County Inter Agency Council would like to thank you for the excellent program you presented at our annual meeting. This is usually a quiet, conservative group and the energy and response you got was wonderful! You truly brought us laughter and a break from our daily routine.”

Susan Laitner
Jackson County Inter-Agency Council

“It was great to see our community bank CEOs and senior management really participate! You came with the highest recommendation and we were not disappointed.”

Cary Dingman
Education Director
Idaho Bankers Association

“The participants were still referring to some of your comments during the remainder of the convention. The evaluations were the best ever and I know you were an integral part of the overall success of the meeting. Thank you again for your wonderful enthusiasm and spontaneity.”

Julian Hester
Community Bankers Association of Georgia

“As always, it was a pleasure for us to have you on another one of our programs and we enjoyed the opportunity to work with you again. Your consistent ability to present information with humor and energy is very much appreciated by our group of bankers. Your session was the perfect ending to a very successful program. On an endnote Rory, make sure you don't hurt anyone with your newfound hypnosis abilities.”

Ron Arrigo and Dann Nelson
Nebraska Bankers Association

“Talk about energy – what a way to start a morning!! If any of our bankers thought they could catch a few zzz they quickly learned otherwise. Rory, you were absolutely outstanding. Your message and your enthusiasm was excellent. We know that our bankers are still talking about you.”

Becky S. Tongish
Director of Education
Kansas Bankers Association

John Allen
VP, Education
Missouri Bankers Association

Karen K. Miller
Director of Education
Nebraska Bankers Association

“Thank you for your presentation at the Warehouse Examiners Conference sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . Several attendees said your presentation was one of the most beneficial and positive parts of the conference. Your level of enthusiasm and energy was particularly impressive. You had a hard audience to work with, but based on the positive feedback from the evaluations, you had their attention and succeeded in your presentation.”

Nancy Toler
United States Department of Agriculture

Kansas City Metropolitan Library & Information Network
Managing Multiple Priorities
Rory Rowland

( 3/2/04 )

1. What is your overall evaluation of today's training?

- Very good – (3 answered with this statement).
- Excellent. This is the best workshop I have been to.
- Excellent workshop.
- Much more practical than I thought it would be.
- Great – (4 answered just “great”).
- Excellent – (4 answered just “excellent”).
- Enjoyed.
- Good – (2 answered just “good”).
- Informative and entertaining.
- Very good. Not a dull moment. Lots of information.
- Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
- Excellent. I think this is one of the best I have attended.
- Good information, well presented.
- Well worth it!
- Wonderful.
- As close to perfect as can be.


2. How would you rate the instructor in terms of knowledge and presentation style?

- Very good, enthusiastic.
- Excellent – (4 answered just “excellent”).
- Great energy, focus, organized, easy to understand.
- Experience and research style wonderful.
- A+.
- 10.
- Very knowledgeable and probably one of the most entertaining.
- Great – (3 answered just “great”).
- Good – (3 answered just “good”).
- Extremely charismatic and knowledgeable.
- Very talented. Should do stand-up comedy. Great knowledge of subject.
- Very good. Well prepared; lively presenter; good pacing of material.
- Very knowledgeable. Fun, interactive presentation style.
- Wonderful.
- Excellent. Funny and informative.
- He kept class going, very energized. He had lots of experience in the field.
- Very good. Entertaining.
- High in terms of knowledge and infectious.


3. Was there enough opportunity for interaction and participation?

- Yes – (16 answered just “yes”).
- More than enough opportunities for both as a group.
- Much.
- Lots.
- Yes, lots.
- Very much so.
- Definitely – (3 answered just “definitely”).


4. How could your training experience been improved?

- More interaction, introduction to each other.
- Don't think it could be improved. Good job Rory.
- Great. None.
- I don't think it could have been improved. One of the best workshops I've been in lately.
- I don't think it could be.

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